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Buildings In A BoxTM

Our Buildings In A Box are export buildings individually containerized for delivery to any reachable building site around the world.

  • The process starts with determining what is needed for your building project. For example, a hospital would require higher loading so that it may successfully resist the more extreme climatic conditions that might exist at the construction location. For an airplane hangar we would need to know which airplanes will be housed to ensure that the door we send will be sized correctly.
  • We will design a building according to the information that you provide. We will fax or email some plan views of the building to you for you to confirm if the design is correct. These plans can have measurements shown in either Imperial System (feet / inches) or metric units as you require.
  • The initial conceptual building design, corresponding plans and an approximate price quote for the steel package will be provided at no cost to you (FREE).
  • When you are satisfied with the conceptual design, the next step is working out the details: refining the design; determining shipping costs, logistics; color selection; building component adjustments needed to fit the building components within the shipping containers; determining the charges that will be assessed by the destination country such as tariffs or value added taxes (VAT). A deposit of 10% of the initial approximate price quote is required to start the ordering process.
  • The payment schedule is as follows:
    1. 10% of the initial approximate price quote is required prior to our working upon the detail items noted above.
    2. 30% of the final price that includes all adjustments must be paid to place your order for the building
    3. The remaining balance must be paid in full 10 working days prior to the containers being loaded for shipping

  • The shipping containers have all of the material needed to assemble the building in the field. A building can be erected quickly upon delivery provided that a foundation is already in place and the necessary utility services set up on site (when applicable). Your steel assembly crew will need to have appropriate tools available to complete the building assembly. If needed, we can provide the necessary tools in the shipping container.
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