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Save Money On Your Next Steel Building Project

If you are responsible for getting the right building designed, manufactured and delivered on time, your company, association or group will be taking a big risk if you choose a building supplier that is not looking out for your best interests. Choosing us means that you will be working with a building supplier dedicated to providing you with the best value for your construction dollars. Here is what you can expect.

First we will work together to design exactly what you need. In a matter of minutes we can design your building and get you plans with engineering data, drawings and details. We can send you the information via fax or email for you to review. The design and review process will continue until the design meets your requirements.

Once the design is finalized, you will receive a detailed cost summary showing exactly what is included in the package price. We then require a 20% deposit if you wish to proceed. We will send you a purchase contract for you to confirm the design in writing, pick colors, sign and return to us.

After you accept the purchase agreement, the building design will be processed by our detailing department. A detailer will check each part to make certain that framing holes align correctly, all needed bolts and screws are included, colors are set to match those you selected, and all necessary trim pieces are present in the materials list. This attention to detail minimizes problems for you when assembling the building, saving you time and money during the construction phase.

If you do have questions or a fabrication issue is discovered in the field, we have a customer service department that is second to none. Most of competitors that would give you the lowest price do not deal well with customer service after a building is delivered. Is a rock bottom price really worth it when you cannot get the help you need? We work hard at making sure that your building is correct and complete, and we are here to help you through the assembly.

If you experience the unfortunate situation of a building department deciding to change a building code possibly even after a building is constructed; your area is subject to a homeowners association that comes up with new rules; a building inspector changes the rules or any number of other possibilities  - we can usually help you to deal with the situation. You are not left "out in the cold" as we have heard sometimes happens.

Buying a building involves much more than only considering the amount of money you spend or the building size. Please consider a reality check if someone tells that they have a building in the back room or some left over building that just happens to have your colors - the odds are greatly against this. If you see a web site that does not show contact information including an office address - what do they have to hide? If you find a web site that promises to give you quotes from several unspecified suppliers only if you give them information - are you sure that your information is being handled ethically and that the quotes you receive, if any, will actually be for the building that you need? The perceived dollars saved will likely cost you more in the end.

Many of our competitors are "brokers." This means that they represent someone else's building. The problem for you, the buyer, is lack of control. After a couple of weeks you get plans and what if they need adjustment? You wait. About this time you lose confidence but they already have collected your deposit. Or the broker sells you a building that ends up with problems in the field. When the building will not bolt together, who do you call? How do you get the answers? By choosing Rapidset Metal Buildings (TM) by, your sales person, the detailer and customer service people are all here in our office. We can get you the answers you need.

When you consider all of the factors, we believe you will agree that Rapidset Metal Buildings from are your best value choice. Please contact us today. We look forward to earning your business.

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