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Why Buy A Rapidset Metal BuildingTM?

Steel buildings offer outstanding value for your investment. Consider these key features when comparing the short and long-terms costs of a steel building versus other construction types.

  • Durability
    Properly assembled steel buildings are highly resistant to the effects of weather and hungry insects. Many steel buildings are steel providing reliable service up to 50 years after being constructed.
  • Low Construction Costs
    The time required for an experienced crew to assemble a steel building can be as much as 1/3 less than the total worker-hours needed with other forms of construction. As time translates to money, you can realize significant cost savings with steel construction.
  • Fast Occupancy
    Since steel buildings can be assembled fast, they can often be put to use sooner than can happen with other types of construction.
  • Efficient Design
    Subject to your design requirements, we design our steel building frames to efficiently utilize the amount of steel that is needed for the loads that will be applied to each frame throughout a building. Less steel means lower costs.
  • Low Maintenance Costs
    A steel building's structural framing will require virtually no maintenance and will hold its shape over the years, avoiding the sagging that can occur with wood construction. Unless the exterior paint film integrity is compromised, a 20-year paint film warranty for panels is available to ensure that your building will continue to look good for a very long time. In the rare event that a problem does arise, replacing the affected part can be as easy as unscrewing the old part and fastening a replacement part in its place.
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